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Mason R. Shepherd III

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About Me

I am a school psychologist with a strong background in technology and interests in educational design.

I combine my interests in design and technololgy to create a wide variety of works.

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IEP Meeting Schedule

Bullying Worksheet

Correlation Practice

Class Experiment

This is the stimulus for a class experiment that I created to replicate studies on cognitive efficiency.

Emotion Scenarios Worksheet

This is a worksheet I designed to assist my students with empathy and identifying the emotions of others.

Counseling Worksheet

This is a worksheet I made as material for my counseling groups. Students could draw about an event that evoked a certain emotion.

Combination Lock Math Lesson

This is a worksheet I made as part of a lesson to teach 5th grade students how to open combination locks for their 6th grade school year.

T Test Tutorial

Statistics Worksheet

Teacher Signature Log

Automated I&RS Action Plan Forms

PowerPoint on Bullying

A short PowerPoint presentation on bullying
made during first year on the job.

Daily Work Activity Log

This log demonstrates my ability to keep detailed personal records.

Foamboard Goal Tracker

Date Calculator Tool


Design Samples

Chore Chart

Calorie Monitor

Homework Organizer

Behavior Plan #1

Shepherd's Shipping Company

Behavior Plan #2

Front of the line lunch pass

Budget Tracker

The end is near...

The end

Feel free to contact me.